Scarf Marbling Classes

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Our silk scarf water marbling classes are unlike any art class you’ve participated in.  Watching others create beautiful scarves is almost as exciting as doing it yourself. Watch out, this can become addicting.

During the class each person will make their own custom color 100% silk scarf.
Our classes are typically 10-15 people and take around 2.5 hours to complete.

Scarves are 14″ x 70″ and made of 100% silk

You can choose from 40+ colors to include in the design of your custom scarf, we suggest picking 3-8 colors.

Tools are used to manipulate paint designs on the surface of the water, don’t worry, we provide the guidance.

Choose to recreate an example scarf (we have plenty of examples) or create your own design with the tools.

Together we will design, dip, and then hang your scarf to dry. If your scarf is not dry by the end of class we will gently fold your wet scarf and place it in a ziplock back for transport home.

Once your scarf is dry, use an iron on a high setting to heat set the paint. Once you’ve ironed it, you’re set to start wearing your amazing new CoraVina scarf.

  • Yes, Iron on the high setting, if you’re nervous, test it out on the medium and increase from there.
  • You do not need to place a cloth between your scarf and the iron.
  • You may iron on both sides, the painted and unpainted side.
  • After ironing, you will see the scarf reclaim it’s silky texture.

To care for your silk scarf, we suggest hand washing with a gentle detergent such as Woolite or baby shampoo, then hanging to dry. Do not wring or twist in the cleaning process.

Small details may vary from class to class, read the description for each class before purchasing tickets.

Reasons why I LOVE silk scarf water marbling Classes:

1. Anyone can participate.  I have had Great-Grandma, Grandma, Mom, Daughter, and Great-Granddaughter all create amazing an unique silk scarves all in the same class.
2. CoraVina has done all the hard work for you, We put in the hours of studying scarf patterns, so we can easily guide you through making a pattern of your choosing.
3. This is surprisingly easy to do. Every class I get ladies who are a bit nervous. The patterns look so intricate, how could they possibly get the same results? At the end of these classes, those same ladies are planing their own private scarf parties, because it REALLY is that easy, and you REALLY can’t mess it up.  – This makes my heart so happy.
4. No is every going to believe you made your own scarf! These hand created scarves look so unique they look like they were purchased form specialty boutiques across the country. Friends and family won’t believe that you made your own pattern, that it took only a few minutes, and that you got to enjoy the process during a girls night, most likely while drinking a glass of wine.